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Contact us for a free packet of information. We can also email a fruit price quote for your group.

Contact us for a free packet of information. We can also email a price quote for your group.
December 2019 Delivery: Start Planning Now
Keep it Sweet and Simple. Earn $28,000.00. Sell 3 items: navel oranges, juice oranges and grapefruit
Your Plan for a Successful Fruit Sale
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Fruit Baskets for your fruit fundraiser
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Meet The Stepp Produce Company Team
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Please submit the following form to request fruit pricing and information for your group.  We promise to keep your information confidential. All of the information you submit is optional. 
If you want us to email information and a fruit price quote for your group, please enter your email address, the name of your group and your city, state or province. 
If you want us to mail information on the fruit fundraiser, please submit your name, address and the name of your group.
Our fundraiser is simple to start:
1. Request information with this form.
2. Contact us for free full color flyers after receiving your quote.
3. We will email and mail the tools you need to start.
4. You can start your sale within 24 hours from July 31 through March 31.
5. Simply fax or email your order after your sale is done.

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The Stepp Team Stepp Produce Company
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Some of the most popular fruit fundraisers:

Church fruit fundraiser

Band fruit fundraiser

Cheerleader fruit Fundraiser

Boy Scout fruit Fundraiser

Little League fruit Fundraiser

Basketball fruit Fundraiser

Decca fruit Fundraiser

Youth Group fruit Fundraiser


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